Our Specialities

Our Specialities:

Note :-Pool Table surcharges applicable, Doctor on Call Surcharges applicable

Few Restrictions :

Restaurant Food and Wine :

The multi-cuisine Garden Retreat Restaurant and Seven Spices Restaurant at Sagrika Resort Dalhousie offers an elaborate menu and provides good sitting arrangement along with Deodar Trees view as backdrop. And if your favorite dish is missing on the menu, check with our chef who is ever willing to oblige the guest. Buffets are arranged for a group of 10 and above.

In the evening when the bonfire is on the full blaze and when you are swaying to the music, we serve dinner arranged properly on the lawn so you can enjoy every moment.

If you wish to soar your spirits high we have a fine variety of popular Beer & Liquor.

Beautiful and Placious Lawn:

Sagrika Resort Dalhousie transports guests to a bygone era of gracious living, hospitality and elegance. We have 20 X 20sq.ft. area as beautiful lawns and gardens with breathtaking views of the greenery all around - a perfect, restful spot for travelers seeking a retreat from the hectic pace of daily life.

The hillside location guarantees breezes that are balmy year-round. You can sit and relax in the lap of nature.

Morning in Dalhousie is highly refreshing with balmy breezes and typical Himalayan sunrise, you can relax in the morning time on our spacious lawns and refresh your heart, mind and soul before leaving to see the famous places in Dalhousie.

Spacious Parking:

Sagrika Resort Dalhousie understands the needs of various kind of guests. Sagrika Resort Dalhousie was built in 1988 offering spacious accommodations and excellent facilities.RE-renovated from time to time as per modern requirements.

We provide our guests with a spacious parking place where they can park their vehicles in a safe manner.

There are some long outskirts near our parking place which provide calm and healthy walk amidst the refreshing nature, pure mountain air and Deodar trees.