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A carbonless year for Costa Rica
Through a combination of hydropower, solar power, and geothermic energy, Costa Rica has managed to use no fossil fuels for the first 75 days of 2015.
Stunning images from this week in weather
An ancient technology is helping India?s ?water man? save thousands of parche...
In 1985, a 28-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh quit his government job, left his family and arrived in the dead of the night at a small village in Rajasthan?s Alwar district. Rajendra Singh, along with four companions from the Tarun Bharat Sangh, a non-profit that traces its origins to the University of Rajasthan, wanted to work in the [?]
Cherry blossoms around the world
Media Contributing to ?Hope Gap? on Climate Change
News cycles tend to be dominated by horror and carnage ? a recipe for depression that spills into climate change coverage, fueling what some experts call a ?hope gap? that can lead people to fret about global warming but feel powerless to do anything about it. 
Allergy sufferers may pay price for spring's slow arrival in East
<p>Though springlike weather has been slow to arrive for much of the Eastern United States, allergy sufferers may soon pay the price for winter's unhurried retreat.</p>
Another reason to love California high-speed rail: It's drought-friendly
Despite what critics say, the project will encourage higher-density growth?and save precious water over the long term.
Boston area expects a flood of claims after record winter
After the Big Dig-out, it's time for the Big Payout. Or will it be the Big Denial?New England's epic winter is on pace to produce a corresponding number of claims as thousands of homeowners seek to repair damage. Successive storms dumped 110 inches of snowfall in Boston alone, a record for an entire season."It's a part-time job just to navigate it all," says Cathy Schwarz, a Plymouth resident who is working with her insurer and repair companies after rooftop ice dams caused leaks in her house. "Everybody says you'll get through this, but all I can see is a house that's just not livable right now."The winter was so unusually severe that...
Unrelenting winter has cities paying millions for pothole repairs
<p>Even though potholes seem to pop up out of nowhere as the weather steps out of winter, the time of year is no coincidence and the warmer weather that most people welcome comes with a steep cost to cities and car owners.</p>
Best songs about weather
How Do Pillowcases Help During a Tornado
05:34AM ET 03.28.15 A project from the Red Cross is teaching youngsters how to get ready in case of a tornado.
Massachusetts governor asks for snow disaster declaration
<p>Gov. Charlie Baker formally asked the federal government on Friday to declare a disaster in 10 Massachusetts counties after a relentless series of winter storms brought record snowfall and frigid temperatures, causing 25 deaths and costing the state and its cities and towns an estimated $400 million.</p>
Mid-April Pattern Change May Yield Rain for California, Erase Persistent Chil...
<p>A significant change in the weather pattern is anticipated for much of the United States during the middle of April.</p>
Northern Chile works to recover after floods kill 9
Communities in Chile's northern desert region dug houses and cars out of the mud and worked to reopen roads Friday after floods pummeled several cities and...
Republicans With College Degrees Are Less Likely to Worry About Global Warming
More education makes Democrats more concerned about climate, but among Republicans, it's the opposite. That's according to a Gallup poll released Thursday, which found that Republicans with a college degree are more likely to say that concern over climate change has been overblown than are Republicans with a high school degree or less. In contrast, college-educated Democrats are more likely than Democrats who have not graduated from college to worry ...

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